Art Of Interesting Bamboo Furniture

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Bamboo has proven to be an environmentally friendly alternative to furniture making. Platform beds and other types of bedroom furniture have proven the benefits of this eco-friendly material, which is now popular and continues to exist in furniture today.

Furniture buyers have now begun to change habits by making purchases that are more environmentally friendly in recent years. In bedroom furniture today is also a popular trend with many styles of choice now available and ready to use. Renewable ingredients are quickly becoming a friendly choice on a platform bed, nightstand, chest and dressing table. The fast growth of bamboo, sustainable, and looks attractive makes it a smart choice for bedroom furniture products.

Moso Bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) is a plant species that covers an area of about 8 million hectares throughout China. It reaches maximum growth in 5-7 years, where the stems can be cut and harvested. Many stems grow back to replenish what has been harvested but can also be used as seedlings to be replanted. Think many species of oak trees need 50 years of growth, are harvested and must be replanted. Bamboo can be harvested on average 7 times in that range so it is far more efficient. Bamboo produces oxygen through photosynthesis and they eat through harvested shoots.

The characteristics of bamboo are unique when compared to oak, maple, ash, and other types of wood. Bamboo displays exotic parts on the surface that provide its own beauty. Grains often move in different directions and are finished in a variety of colors that allow the appearance of exotic grains to be seen. This can be given color through the kiln process which actually makes bamboo caramel on the surface which gives the color of caramel or patina on the surface. This color combined with the unique properties of bamboo granules is difficult to find in most products.

Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable material found in many types of furniture today. While many believe that it is wood, bamboo is actually considered a plant. Moso Bamboo is a popular choice for many furniture manufacturers because it becomes very hard and can easily be made into bamboo boards. The boards can then be produced into various products including furniture such as bamboo platform beds, dressing tables, cabinets and nightstand.

Bamboo is not just more than just material for furniture. It is also used in kitchen items such as cutting boards, tools and handles. It is also found on floors, musical instruments and transport poles used throughout Asia. Very few domestic manufacturers in the United States currently manufacture bamboo, but there are some companies that have begun importing bamboo boards into the United States.

In conclusion, bamboo presents furniture buyers with unique choices in today’s furniture. It reaches maturity in 5-7 years, can be harvested and grow back making it a green choice. Exotic granules from species and unique surface caramelization create an appearance that cannot be achieved with any wood species. This is strong and difficult making it a good choice for furniture, floors and home accessories. For individuals who want to see all their own Submission, bamboo is definitely a smart choice.