Caring For Outdoor Furniture

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Outdoor furniture has been around for a long time. Comes with a large selection of materials and styles from various budgets. Choose the chosen one, you can maintain it well for a long time.

Furniture Made of Plastic

This is the most affordable way of all types of outdoor furniture. Easy to replace and durable if you have children or pets, you don’t need to worry. The best way to care for this type of furniture is to clean it with a 3 to 1 water solution with Clorox mixture. If you plan to use it for several years then avoid exposure to harsh sunlight when not in use and cover with a waterproof cover during winter.

Furniture Woven

Furniture with Rattan or Bamboo material, rattan has a softer touch, to do cleaning must use a cloth that is slightly moist and does not use much soap. Do a cleaning wicker on a warm day so that the drying process faster. Make sure to let it dry completely before using it so that the design won’t last longer. To always look new, you can apply a thin varnish once a year.

Aluminum Furniture

Aluminum is a material that is not susceptible to rust. However, aluminum has sharp angles that are easily stuck when moved, be careful when moving it. Cleaning this furniture will make it shine every time. However, if this is colored aluminum, it may need to be repainted every 2 years.

Wood Furniture

Redwood can be an option if you need outdoor wood with a hard surface. This wood comes with a natural look. Just clean it with a dry cloth. Redwood has the ability to be durable and not easily rot. Teak can be an option afterwards and is also good for outdoor. The oil released can keep him looking good.

Other types of outdoor furniture can require a lot of effort in maintenance if you want to make it last longer, keep excessive sunlight and cold temperatures can also make wood fragile. Coating with varnish that has sunscreen is a way that can increase the age of the wood or do wood coloring with a good liquid such as Cuprinol.

Whatever you choose, from rattan furniture to aluminum, choose furniture that can last as long as possible with proper care.