Choosing Wood Furniture

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There are various reasons to consider, and these aspects can affect furniture prices. It’s up to you to achieve a balance between what you want. That will lead to wise purchasing decisions.

Outside design of wooden furniture. This is the first aspect that needs to be considered because it must decide in advance the preferred design. Look at existing designs and take the time to find suitable ideas. Ask yourself what type of wood furniture matches the design that already exists at home. If you need more ideas, you can always look at home decor magazines for what references are in them. You can search for some designs that are very popular. Save the images for future use. After you narrow the look and feel of furniture to just a few designs, it is time to consider the raw material.

Wood type. This is the second aspect that must be considered. There are so many types of wood to choose from. In general, they are categorized into 2 large – hardwoods and softwoods. The characteristics of hardwood are that the wood is more durable, and they are generally more difficult to work with. The only type of hardwood that is relatively easy to do is teak. For this reason, teak furniture can be more expensive than furniture made from other types of wood.

Soft wood is easier to work with. You can expect cheaper prices, but durability won’t last long. They tend to rot or become damaged only after a few short years. But the advantage is that because it’s easy to do, there are more designs.

Each has its own place on the market. The only way to choose is to clarify your own preferences, goals and needs. For example, if you live in a rented apartment for about 6 months, it makes sense to buy cheap furniture made from soft wood.

Wood layer. Most types of wood, when not processed, can be vulnerable when exposed to moisture. Mushrooms can grow, and the wood will rot. To protect furniture, a protective layer must be applied to the surface of wood furniture especially for outdoor furniture. Some types of wood such as teak have natural oils that protect the quality of wood. In this case it is a lightweight protective blanket for years.

Price. This is the last aspect to think about. After considering all the aspects above, you must know more or less what exactly you are looking for. Never make a price-based purchase. you might end up making a bad buying decision. Furniture that does not suit your needs and desires.