For Durable Rattan Furniture

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This furniture is made of many large plants in Asia. Lots of furniture made with woven materials such as rattan, sugar cane, bamboo and resin. This recing produces plastic material in the form of plastic and is popular for several years. Woven furniture can add beauty to the interior and exterior decoration of the house. Through good and proper care this furniture can be used for a long time.

When cleaning your rattan furniture from enough dust with a dry cloth to clean it. Use a brush or soft brush to clean the curves of this piece of furniture. For easy steps in cleaning deep grooves, you can use a blower like a compressor that you can buy in a shop.

To clean as a whole, clean it in a place with lots of light, can use a vacuum cleaner as a start and then provide warm water mixed with dish cleaning liquid, use a soft cloth for cleaning. When cleaning using water, always pay attention to the amount of water on the cloth because it shouldn’t be too much. Dry cloth or soft foam is used for drying after being exposed to water until it is completely dry.

Ammonia can function as a cleanser of rattan furniture from mushrooms. When cleaning with ammonia, clean rattan furniture from dust and make sure it is dry afterwards. With sunlight you can dry it but it doesn’t need to be too long. The final part is cleaned with water regularly and dried.

To change the appearance you can color your roatan furniture. Before doing the coloring, clean the dust first, then use a wind spray device to start coloring. This work is recommended in an open place so that the space is greater. Staining is done gradually every time it is dry. If the coloring solution becomes dull, do not try to remove it by force. Simply replace with a new layer where it looks dull.

Place rattan furniture in a place that is exposed to sunlight but not hot to make it durable. When placed in a room, keep away from furniture that can make sparks. Too wet can make rattan furniture rot, too hot can crack.