Kooboo Rattan Eco-Friendly Furniture

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We all want to be close to nature. Therefore, we want everything at home to bring us to remember nature. Having wooden furniture can help us get back to nature because it is the most environmentally friendly furniture in use. Kooboo rattan furniture has materials in the manufacture of rattan and wicker furniture. They have unique characteristics that make them different from other woven furniture. This is the color obtained from a very natural process.

The process starts from separating soft kooboo, which is the initial form of kooboo, from jawit, a type of rattan that is very similar to kooboo, but has a lower quality. After that, mud will be used to soak the kooboo gently for several weeks to bring gray to the surface. This process will not use any chemicals. Mud leaves are added to speed up this process. A few weeks passed, gray kooboo will be removed from the mud. After this process is done, the soft color of kooboo will not change. Just like the first time we will soak it in mud. What changes from this process is smell. The smell of the wet kooboo is so sharp at the nose, many people won’t like it. The unpleasant smell will disappear during the last process.

The drying process is the last process. Kooboo drying is done in the sun. This process also has no chemicals used in this process. What needs to be done is to supervise this process, and the gray color will appear by itself. Very beautiful, very unique, and very natural. Kooboo that has been dried completely under the sun is called kooboo gray. At this stage, Kooboo Gray is not ready to be used as material in the manufacture of rattan and wicker furniture. We must clean it from mud spots before using it. After this, the Kooboo Gray material is ready to be used in the manufacture of rattan and wicker furniture.

Gray Kooboo is often used for weaving materials in the manufacture of rattan and wicker furniture. Kooboo gray furniture frames can also be made of rattan, teak, mahogany, or other wood materials. But, craftsmen of Kooboo gray furniture usually choose rattan poles as the main material in making frames for Kooboo gray furniture. That’s because the combination of rattan poles and harmonious gray Kooboo makes the Kooboo gray furniture very beautiful and very natural. Because of this, we can feel comfortable when sitting in Kooboo’s gray chair.

Unlike furniture with other materials polished with melamine or using other chemicals as the final process in making furniture, kooboo gray furniture does not need to be polished. Polishing kooboo gray furniture by using melamine or other chemicals can reduce its beauty. Therefore, most buyers of Kooboo Gray furniture do not like to polish it.